September Monthly Meeting Thursday the 17th, 7 PM @ ESNS

Join us at the East Side Neighborhood Services main room for our September monthly meeting @7PM. We will be talking about all of the great events we have coming up in the next two months and tasting 10 surly wort rally beers that our members fermented. This should be awesome as brewers got really creative with these beers!

Brewer Yeast Additions?
Tyler Bye Wyeast Abbey Ale II 2lbs dried Apricots
Aaron Bach PC Farmhouse 3lbs Peaches
Aaron De Boer Brett B and Brett C 60oz Canned Boysenberries
Jed Hicks German Ale 4 Peeled and Cored Pineapples
Perrin Bishop-Wright California Ale Dry Hopped
Chad Oesterreich Belgian High Gravity
Nick Pederson French Saison 5 lbs of Marquette Grapes (st. croix vineyards)
Adrian Swanson PC Farmhouse
Richard Pizarro French Saison 6 lbs plums


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August Monthly Meeting Thursday August 20th, 7 PM @ ESNS

meetingWe are back to our regularly scheduled programming kids. 7:00 PM at East Side Neighborhood Services, 1700 2nd St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.

We will be sharing beer, discussing current and future projects and experiments. As well as an education on how to fill out a beer scoring sheet by a BJCP Judge.


Bring a sample glass and some beer to share. We hope to see you there!



Big River Homebrew Competition 2015


The Nordeast Brewers Alliance, in coordination with Eastside Neighborhood Services and their Big River Brewfest, are proud to put on the 4th annual Nordeast Big River Homebrew Competition.

Our AHA/BJCP sanctioned homebrew competition is in its 4th year and is planned to be bigger than ever. A lower entry free, twice as many drop off locations and a lot  of advertising will mean more participants and more beer. Not to mention nationally recognized BJCP judges and a great judging location provided by ESNS.

Check out the competition website for more information and get those beers brewed and packaged for Northeast Minneapolis’ premier homebrew competition.

2015 Single Hop Tasting Gallery


A big thank you to Northgate Brewing for making wort and hosting us for the tasting it was a pretty epic evening! Listed bellow is the list of what was tasted and my personal tasting notes.


DSCF3314DSCF3341 DSCF3332 DSCF3340 DSCF3336 DSCF3333 DSCF3330 DSCF3329 DSCF3325 DSCF3324 DSCF3323 DSCF3322 DSCF3318 DSCF3315

  • Nelson Sav. : Slight white wine. Fruit.
  • Motueka: Slight cirtus flavor.
  • Rakau: Plesant, not super bitter. Cirtus and fruit.
  • Waimea: Strange and intense fruit and citrus flavors, pine finish.
  • Wakatu: Clean citrus/lime flavors.
  • Galaxy: Nice tropical fruit flavors
  • Amarillo: Smells like Something off. Jules says it smells/tastes like Buttercups paws. Nice citrus flavors.
  • Equinox: Cirtus tropical flavors.
  • Jarrylo: Great hoppy fruit favor.
  • Zythos: Love the fruit pine balance.
  • El Dorado: More fruit that orange citurs than expected
  • Azacca:Tropical fruit… yes please.
  •   Saaz: Classic Saaz… I mean fugle.
  • Pilgram: Something wrong, berry but off flavors… cheese? old hops? Yup.
  • Ahtanum: Way more berry and fruit than citrus.
  • Warrior: Fruit but not great.
  • Brewers Gold: Smokey and blackberry. Something wrong with the smoke…
  • Horizon: Cheesy aroma, clean bittering flavor.
  • CTZ: Tastes like CTZ.
  • Chinook: Acetaldehyde
  • Simcoe: No cat pee, surprisingly good.

2015 Single Hop Tasting @ Northgate Brewing



This Tuesday we bring our beer back to the place it was born. 

On May 2nd Tuck, Northgate’s headbrewer, mashed up a wort for 25 brewers to apply a single hop to. From Ahtanum to Zythos, members chose a hop to showcase in this IPA. 

These beers will be served at a private event this Tuesday at Northgate brewing. Doors open at 6:30 with the tasting starting at 6:45. 

Pizza and other items will be ordered from parkway pizza. We will be collecting $10 at the door to cover the cost. Please bring cash. 

A hug thanks goes out to Northgate, specifically Adam, Tuck and Barb, as well as all of the NBA brewers. 

We hope to see everyone at Northgate this Tuesday. 

FYI: This event is our monthly meeting. There will NOT be a meeting at ESNS on Thursday. 

May Recap

May was another fantastic month of events for the Nordeast Brewers Alliance. There were a number of important things that we participated in.

Friends of the Mississippi

President De Boer went to the Friends of the Mississippi to not only represent the NBA but also to bring back some information to share with the club on how we can be more friendly to the ol’ Miss.

Koval Barrel Empty, fill, and the lack of… 

In the middle of May the empty and fill of the Koval Barrel (Barrel Project 3.0) was slated and prepared for. What we were not prepared for was the extreme pediococcus infection that was in the Imperial Red ale. It seems that some members’ previous barley wine that was in the Koval barrel was also seemed to be infected. So, it was not emptied and filled with delicious double IPA. It now will get emptied and filled with an acid wash. Once the acid wash has some time to soak in the barrel, the barrel will be filled with a brett & lacto sour beer.

Community Hops 

PAD-B (President Aaron De Boer) and Tim Stuemke and fellow NBA member and Community Hops President ,  Bryce Larson represented the NBA at the Community Hops Member and Fund Drive. NBA beer was poured and very well received.



CFtUc34UEAADldz.jpg-large CFtACGZUMAASYF2.jpg-large

Farmers Market

For the opening of the Nordeast Farmers market on May 30th, we had our first representation coordinated by Matt Price. A great time was had and we picked up a few new members to boot!

Meeting recap

Our May meeting at Eastside Neighborhood Services was planned to have Rahr Malting do the education topic, but unfortunately there was a snafu and we had to change up. Fortunately it gave us the time to sample a number of members beers and give some very constructive feedback. As well we got to taste Richard Brower’s Northern Brown ale aged on Blackswan Barrel Alternative Cherry Wood.

As well we discussed past and upcoming events, including our upcoming June meeting which will be our 2015 Single Hop Experiment. First, and very important, dry hop your one ounce of hops 7 days before packaging. The first of possibly two tastings will be at Northgate Brewing Company on June 16th, 6:30PM, 783 Harding St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.

Aaron De Boer posed the idea of purchasing a CO2 racking cane for transferring the beer out of our barrels. The purchase of $270 was brought to a vote and was vote to purchase. The idea is to provide a cleaner, oxygen reduced transfer process. As well, we are hoping that it reduces the possibility of  contamination between the barrels.


May Agenda – Thursday 5-21, 7 PM @ ESNS

Spring is here, but you could have fooled me that last couple of days, but luckily we should have excellent weather Thursday for this month’s meeting. Although when is the weather bad for drinking beer!?
Onto the agenda:

Drink Beer

Recent Events
-Single Hop Brew Day @ Northgate
-Friends of the Mississippi @ Fulton
Up coming Events
-Community Hops Fundraiser, May 23rd
-Farmers market, May 30th

-2.0 #1, #2 & #3 June 6th

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April 16th Agenda – ESNS

Come out to our April meeting for a lot of great information and great beer. We are back at our normal meeting place of Eastside Neighborhood Services @ 7pm.

Recent Events
-MHBA Homebrew Fest
-Social Science: Fermentational Informational
Upcoming Events
-Single Hop Experiment at NorthGate
-Farmers Market events
-Barrel Empty and Fills
–2.0 #2 & #3 – June 6th @ noon
Club Business
-Donation better bottle, and brewery matching
-Keg Buy
Call for new business
-Single Hop Experiment at NorthGate
-Mini Experiments
-Wood Aged Beer Mini Experiment
–White Oak IPA
–Sassafras Saison
–Hard Maple Pale Ale
–White Ash Kolsch
–Yellow Birch IPA