Single Hop Experiment – Great Success!

20 July 2012

Flight 1 of 4
First flight…go!

Last night was our 2nd Annual Single Hop Experiment and it was amazing.  We met at the East Side Neighborhood Services and about 30 members and guests were able to sample a plentitude of hoppy goodness.  Thanks to all the members who brought beer, to the pro brewers representing (612Brew, Harriet, and Northgate), and to the ESNS for the location!

Our original projection of 19 beers turned into 16, which was still sufficient. While enjoying the varieties, we were able to pick out distinct qualities of the hops.  Ideally, everyone who was there should have a better idea how to most efficiently utilize a hop for its characteristics.  It was great to see the varying bittering, flavor and aroma profiles that stood out.

NIck conveying his hop knowledge to Chad.

The potluck also turned out great, who knew brewers could cook? 

For those who weren’t there, or are a bit fuzzy, here are the flights:

  • Czech Saaz
    US Saaz
    Northern Brewer
    Mount Hood
  • Amarillo
  • Warrior
  • Pacific Jade
    Nelson Sauvin
All but one person is pensively deliberating the beer before them.

Only a year till we do this again!