NBA leadership

Meet the Executive Committee:

 Aaron De Boer, President

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since: 2006
Favorite style(s): Pale Ale, IPA, Sours, Barrel Aged

 Perrin Bishop-Wright, Vice President

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since: 2012
Favorite style(s): British Styles, IPA, Sours


Tyler Bye, Director of Finance

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since: 2010
Favorite style(s): Stout, IPA
Tyler’s homebrew: Zoobrew

Announcing winners at the Brew Fest!
 Steve Mittelstaedt, Director of Operations

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since:  The Devonian Period
Favorite style(s): Chicha, Sumerian Beer

Nick McLawhorn, Director of Communications and Technology

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since: 2012
Favorite style(s): Oktoberfest, Stout, Mild


Former ExComm members:

Nathan Gunter, President(2011,2013-2014)

Setup: All-grain (keggle, cooler mash tun)
Brewing Since: 2006
Favorite style(s): Abbey ales

 Nick Pederson, Vice President(2011-2014)

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since: 2008
Favorite style(s): Saison, American IPA, Sours, High Life
Nick’s homebrew: Dank Brewing Co.

 Matt Price, Director of Finance(2011-2015)

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since: 2006
Favorite style(s): American IPA, ESB

  Andrew Nesbitt, President (2012)

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since: 2006
Favorite style(s): Scotch ale, IPA, Sours

 Grant Wright, Director of Communications (2011-2013)

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since: 2010
Favorite style(s): Saison, Sours, Scotch ale, Dubbel
Grant’s homebrew: Barking Dog Beer

 Brian Johnson, Vice President (2014-2016)

Setup: All-grain
Brewing Since: 2009
Favorite style(s): Whatever’s in season or a good IPA