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May 2017 Recap and Upcoming Events

The countdown to HomeBrewCon has started, and there is a lot going on!

Big Brew Day

May 6 we had a great time participating in the AHA’s Big Brew Day. The NBA commandeered the parking lot at Norther Brewer Minneapolis.

With 6+ batches being brewed it was a great day of brewing, brats, and talking bier. It was also a great chance to see a couple of variations on 3 vessel and brew-in-a-bag techniques, with and without pumps. Thank you to Northern Brewer for supplying the base malts for the Big Brew Day recipes.

Booth prep for Club Night

The prep for NBA’s participation at HomeBrewCon is in full swing. From commemorative NBA t-shirts to the booth for Club Night – there has not been a shortage of activity. The booth with have an industrial look to it, and will be able to be used at other events as well. We even constructed it so it can fold to fit into most SUVs.

May Monthly Meeting

The May Monthly Meeting was help at the EastSide Neighborhood Services on May 18th. The educational topic was Patagonia Malt and featured samples of beers made with malt from the end of the earth.

Upcoming Events

Club Night tasting: June 1 – EastSide Neighborhood Services

Bring your beers (44oz works) for the committee to sample and give the thumbs up/down to be served at the Con.


Single Hop with Northgate: June 3 – Northgate Brewing Company

We will be at Northgate on June 3rd for the Single Hop experiment. Northgate will supply the wort, you supply the hops. Did you sign up? Check the google group for info.

Need more Northgate? Yes you do! Get the week of HBC started right with the NBA/Northgate party June 13th.



NBA HomeBrewCon t-shirt pre-orders. Make sure you get one by ordering now!

March 2016 Re-cap

Spring is here! Which means brewing season is upon us, especially for those of us who brew outside! To get everyone fired up, here is what it coming up, and what we did in March.

Upcoming Events

  • April 6th-comedy showcase@ Lake Monster 8pm
  • NBA Taproom Takeover – April 7th 7PM @ Able Seedhouse and Brewery. Wear your NBA Gear!
  • April 14th Science Museum of Minnesota – Social Science Fermentation Informational 4pm-10. We will be doing a presentation on Malt. If you are interested in volunteering please contact Tyler (
  • AHA’s Big Brew Day! May 7th 10am @ Northern Brewer Minneapolis! Get all of the deals here.

March Meeting Notes – March 17th 7PM @ Midwest Supplies

IMG_1498 2

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February 2016 Re-cap

First and foremost, a huge thank you and shout-out to Northern Brewer Minneapolis! They hosted us for our February meeting and did a fantastic education discussion on packaging beer. It was awesome to get tips on kegging, bottle/keg carbonating and conditioning, and bottle filling to touch on a few.

2016 – Year of the Experiments. The Executive committee met to discuss the year, and we are moving forward in doing member driven, documented experiments. If you have an experiment that you would like to do, please reach out to the community for any support or brewing you might need. You can find the latest information on the 2016 Experiments page.

As well, in 2016 we are bringing the Taproom Take Over back! Every first Thursday of the month, we encourage all members to show up at a taproom to socialize and proudly display our NBA apparel. All events are going to be posted on the Club Calendar.

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February Monthly Meeting Thursday the 18th, 7 PM @ Northern Brewer Mpls

Wpaddleshirte resume our regular meeting schedule in 2016 with a meeting at Northern Brewer Minneapolis this Thursday the 18th at 7pm. Be sure to show up on time as the doors will be closed and locked shortly after 7pm. We will recap recent events, talk about upcoming events, learn about packaging from Northern Brewer and of course drink some beer.

This will be a great time to renew your membership if you were not able to attend the winter party as well as pick up some brewing supplies with a rare 15% off eligible items in the store.

We look forward to see you there!

September Monthly Meeting Thursday the 17th, 7 PM @ ESNS

Join us at the East Side Neighborhood Services main room for our September monthly meeting @7PM. We will be talking about all of the great events we have coming up in the next two months and tasting 10 surly wort rally beers that our members fermented. This should be awesome as brewers got really creative with these beers!

Brewer Yeast Additions?
Tyler Bye Wyeast Abbey Ale II 2lbs dried Apricots
Aaron Bach PC Farmhouse 3lbs Peaches
Aaron De Boer Brett B and Brett C 60oz Canned Boysenberries
Jed Hicks German Ale 4 Peeled and Cored Pineapples
Perrin Bishop-Wright California Ale Dry Hopped
Chad Oesterreich Belgian High Gravity
Nick Pederson French Saison 5 lbs of Marquette Grapes (st. croix vineyards)
Adrian Swanson PC Farmhouse
Richard Pizarro French Saison 6 lbs plums


aha_logo_lg Surlylogo

August Monthly Meeting Thursday August 20th, 7 PM @ ESNS

meetingWe are back to our regularly scheduled programming kids. 7:00 PM at East Side Neighborhood Services, 1700 2nd St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.

We will be sharing beer, discussing current and future projects and experiments. As well as an education on how to fill out a beer scoring sheet by a BJCP Judge.


Bring a sample glass and some beer to share. We hope to see you there!



April 16th Agenda – ESNS

Come out to our April meeting for a lot of great information and great beer. We are back at our normal meeting place of Eastside Neighborhood Services @ 7pm.

Recent Events
-MHBA Homebrew Fest
-Social Science: Fermentational Informational
Upcoming Events
-Single Hop Experiment at NorthGate
-Farmers Market events
-Barrel Empty and Fills
–2.0 #2 & #3 – June 6th @ noon
Club Business
-Donation better bottle, and brewery matching
-Keg Buy
Call for new business
-Single Hop Experiment at NorthGate
-Mini Experiments
-Wood Aged Beer Mini Experiment
–White Oak IPA
–Sassafras Saison
–Hard Maple Pale Ale
–White Ash Kolsch
–Yellow Birch IPA