Single hop experiment (S.H.E.) 2015

It is time for the 5th annual NBA Single Hop Experiment. We are partnering with Northgate Brewing, brewing at their Harding St. location with the mash coming from their  20 bbl system.







How | Sign up here, Sign up sheet, there’s only a few spots remain so sign up soon!

When | Saturday, May 2nd 2015, Big Brew/National Homebrew Day.

Pickup | Grab your wort at 10:30-11:00 am on Saturday at Northgate Brewing, 783 Harding St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413. Bring a plastic bucket with a top as the wort will be around 170 degrees when you get it, too warm for glass, or your kettle if you plan to brew on site.

Brew | A large number of members will be brewing on site. Its a blast to brew with the NBA crew, so bring your kettle, burner, chilling mechanism, a clean fermenter(and associated accessories) and join the party. Remember, you need to wait until you get back home to pitch the yeast.

Cost | $15 per batch. Bring cash  or card as you will need to pay up to get your wort.

Malt bill | A 7% IPA wort mashed by Northgate consisting mostly of 2-Row Pale with some Carapils, Munich 20 and Red Wheat added for color and body. The best part of this experiment is that you don’t even need to worry about it. Your brew day will be significantly shortened thanks to Northgate.

Hopping schedule | Each participant will be utilizing a different variety of hop with different AA% bittering strengths. Because of this, we’re each going to build our hop schedule backwards to hit a target of 70 IBUs:

  • 60 min: 35 IBU  (50% total IBU)
    20 min: 22 IBU  (31.43% total IBU)
    10 min: 13 IBU  (18.57% total IBU)
    Flameout/Whirlpool: 2 oz
    Dry Hop: 1 oz

Yeast | Two packets of Safale US-05 American Ale yeast, re-hydrated ( Boil 7 oz of water,let it cool to 96 F, add yeast, wait 15 mins, pitch ). We are using this method to hopefully end up with a better fermentation profile than we have seen in some past beers.

Packaging | Carb it up via your desired method and be ready to share at least 100oz at out tasting event(s) in June. More details to come on tasting dates and times.