Barrel Project 2.0


Barrel project 2.0 is our second foray into communally filling barrels with homebrew. We have sourced four French oak red wine barrels from Casey Holley who is so graciously allowing us to use them for our club. Cellar master Aaron De Boer is keeping them in his barrel room for the long haul.

Check out the Chop and Brew video highlighting project 2.0: Chop and Brew #7

Current Status:

We are preparing to bring a number of barrel beers to NHC 2017!


  • Flanders our, Flanders in. (1/28/2017)
  • Belgian Dark Strong (Turned Sour Strong) Out, Lambic #2 (Spelt & Rye) in. (6/25/16)
  • Acid wash out, Farmhouse Red in. Saison out, Lambic #1 (Wheat) in. Flanders our, Flanders (clean) in. (12/19/2015)
  • Porter out, acid wash in. Saison out, Saison in, Flanders our, Flanders in. (6/8/2015)
  • Barley/Rye Wine out, Porter in. Flanders out, Flanders in. (11/22/2014)
  • Belgian Dark Strong Out and Belgian Dark Strong in (4/26/14) 
  • Acid wash out and Rye Saison in (3/29/14)
  • Acid wash out and Belgian Dark Strong in (2/15/14)
  • Rye Saison and Wee Heavy out, acid wash in (1/11/14)
  • RIS was transfer out and Barley/Rye Wine transferred in (12/15/13)
  • Barrel project 2.0 featured on webisode of Chop & Brew (6/7/13)
  • Three month tasting (5/30/13)
  • Fill-day (Rye Saison 2/16/13, the other three 2/23/13)
  • Style voting (10/31/12)

Barrel Fills:

  • Barrel #1 – Cabernet (Fields)
    • Current fill: Sour Farmhouse Red w/ Jolly Pumpkin Dreggs
    • 3rd fill: Historic Porter
    • 2nd fill: American Barley/Rye Wine  recipe
    • 1st fill: Russian Imperial Stout  recipe
    • Pre-fill characteristics: light oak, light fruit
  • Barrel #2 – Merlot (Fields) 
    • Current fill:  Lambic Style
    • 3rd fill: Petite Saison
    • 2nd fill: Rye Saison with Brettanomyces recipe
    • 1st fill: Rye Saison with Brettanomyces recipe
    • Pre-fill characteristics: light oak, red fruit, cherries
  • Barrel #3 – Zinfandel (McCay)
    • Current fill: Flanders Red recipe
    • 3rd fill: Flanders Red recipe
    • 2nd fill: Flanders Red recipe
    • 1st fill: Flanders Red recipe
    • Pre-fill characteristics: medium to heavy oak, blackberries, currants
  • Barrel# 4 – Zinfandel (McCay)
    • Current fill: Belgian Dark Strong recipe
    • 2nd fill: Belgian Dark Strong recipe
    • 1st fill: Wee Heavy / Scotch Ale recipe
    • Pre-fill characteristics: medium to heavy oak, vanilla, fruity cocoa